Portal Support

What is the portal?
Our NetClient CS portal is an extension of our website and document management system, through which we can deliver and exchange electronic documents with you.


*Login & Password Reset*
Forgot your Login or Password? Enter at least one field (login or password), and then click login.  If you dont know either your login or password, enter your name as the login and 123 as the password then select the 'Log In' Button. From there you will have the option to reset your password through your email or security questions. Passwords must contain at least seven characters, and they must include at least one alphabetic character (uppercase or lowercase) and at least one numeric character. If ten consecutive, unsuccessful attempts are made to log in to an account, the login for that account is locked. An email message will be sent automatically to the email address assigned to the login; the email message notifies the user of the unsuccessful login attempts and provides a link to unlock the login immediately. The account will be unlocked when the user clicks the link within the email message or when the lock expires after 30 minutes.


*Still having trouble? For immediate assistance, please contact our office at 503-786-7320 or email via processing@tdcpagroup.com*


Web Security
Unlike standard email and its attachments, our portal uses encryption technology to ensure that your information is secure. The portal uses an SSL/TLS certificate with 128-bit encryption (RC4-128 with MD5 and RSA mechanisms).


Data Center Security and Infrastructure
The data center that stores your files partakes in numerous 3rd party audits, including a Type 1 SSAE16 SOC1 and SOC2 audits so you can be confident your data is secure. Around-the-clock internal security monitoring is maintained with camera surveillance at all entry points. Card-key entry systems admitting only authorized personnel are continuously logged and monitored. Multi-zoned, multi-level keycard access controls and monitors all access into the data centers and internal areas. Biometric access controls provide added levels of security. Vehicle identification is required. Redundant electric power feeds are used from separate utility substations. Access to the Internet is obtained using multiple providers. Multiple large scale data centers with raised floors accommodate cable management and uniform cooling distribution. Advanced fire control systems enable the detection of heat and smoke. Fire suppression using current and approved fire suppression systems operate both above and below the raised flooring.            


Data Privacy
All data is treated as strictly confidential. Access to your information is limited to those employees with a business requirement for accessing such information. All hard copies of data are destroyed before disposal. Employees are continually educated on the confidential nature of this information and your need for privacy; policies and procedures are continually incorporated for these purposes. In addition, your customer information will never be discussed with third parties without your permission. As technology continues to advance, you can be sure that the data centers have in place the most up-to-date safeguards possible to keep your personal and business financial information confidential and secure. We value your trust in our commitment to keep your data safe.


Software Requirements
You must have a high-speed internet connection to use NetClient CS.

Browser Compatibility:
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 7.0 or higher
Mozilla® Firefox® version 3.0 or higher
Apple® Safari® version 5.0 or higher
Google Chrome™


Click the links above to download and install the latest browsers to your computer.
Discalimer: TD Consulting Group, PC takes no responsibility for any harm caused to your computer from installing a recomended web browser.


Hardware Reccomendations to Access the Portal
Processor: Intel® or AMD™ processor, with a recommended processor speed of 2GHz or greater.
Ram: 2GB of RAM is recommended.
Operating System: We support all editions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. XP support may be discontinued after June of 2014.